A City of Questions

The Inter-American Development Bank asked a group of local artists of Latin American and Caribbean heritage working in Washington to respond to the idea of promoting more inclusive cities. Through a collaborative process, the artists answered by creating this multidisciplinary exhibition about choices in urbandevelopment, which seeks to uncover who gets to ask questions and what sort of questions they pose. A City of Questions consists of a multitude of queries, sometimes giving voice to an underrepresented group or offering a fresh perspective into urban life.


1300 New York Avenue, N.W., Washington DC 20577

Free and open to the public Monday – Friday, 11am-6pm.

falling not flying - DC
falling not flying - DC
falling not flying - DC

The Creative Gift

From a place beyond our comprehension but all too familiar, the creative goddess in the form of a young child blows bubbles into the abyss. She breathes new concepts, collaborations and perspectives into our world. We are only the medium to carry out the new possibilities on this side of existence.

The Belgard

Washington DC. at The Belgard

33 N St NE, Washington, DC 20002

innocent creation - DC

Warrior Cry

Warrior Cry

Winnipeg, MB. CANADA

Corner of Logan and Stanley.

Warrior cry - winnipeg, Canada
Warrior Cry - Winnipeg, Canada